Library Committee
Chairman:Ethel Sechrist
Vice-Chairman:Melanie Kalinowski
Members:Linda Bennett
Lou Vaughn
Heather Adams
Susan Harger
Donations / Gifts
Gifts are essential to the growth of the library. Donations can be used as honorariums or memorials. Forms are provided to assist you with this. All donated items will be subject to the guidelines of our selection policy. Books donated should have a copyright of 1985 or later.
Our church library is located just beyond the main entrance, down the hall-way leading towards our church offices, across from the water fountain.

Mission Statement

Shaped by God’s Word and relying upon God the Father, the Living Christ, our library ministry selects, provides and promotes Christian learning resources that encourage, enrich and enable God’s people to the bold mission of Christ-like living and serving.

Library Hours

SundayMorning:9:15 - 9:40
Evening:5:30 - 6:00
WednesdayEvening:8:00 - 8:30


The library offers books, audiotapes, books on tape, DVD and videos to patrons holding Woodbine Library cards. Available topics include:

  • Adolescence
  • Bible Dictionaries
  • Biographies
  • Child rearing
  • Christian Living
  • Cults
  • Family Relations
  • Fiction
  • Marriage
  • Missions
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Parenting

Library Cards

You may sign up for a card in the library and pick it up the following week.

Lending Periods

Each patron can borrow two items for two weeks. This will change as the collection increases.

Drop Box

Items may be returned via the drop box located opposite the library door when the library is not open.


Items may be renewed to extend due dates, except when that item is on a reserve list.

Reserved Items

If an item is in circulation, you may request that it be reserved. When it becomes available we will notify you.

Status-Due Slips

A printed slip given at checkout indicates the due dates.


A replacement cost (full value) of an item will be charged if the item is over two months overdue. It will be subject to a fine equivalent to the cost of the item.